Purchasing Policy

Butterfly Beach Hotel in Barbados is commited to protecting the environment, Staff, guests and the local community. We will continue to strive to ensure our sustainability in our daily operation. Butterfly Beach Hotel has therefore assessed our operations in focusing on our goal to protect and preserve the environment and community while being sustainable, and created a new purchasing policy:

  1. Purchase of local produce and products as the first choice where available
  2. The hotel will attempt to purchase as many items in bulk where possible, rather than in many small portions. And increasing the numbers of items currently in refillable containers.
  3. Where possible we will give preference to “green” suppliers
  4. We will continue our goal of continuing trying to source a more suitable and environmentally friendly take away container than Styrofoam.
  5. Return all bottles and containers to suppliers for reuse.
  6. Reduce the amount of plastic glasses used at the bar by maintaining a ‘request only” program, where reusable glasses are used and straws and plastic cups must be asked for.