Environmental Policy

Butterfly Beach Hotel in Barbados has made a commitment to protect and preserve the surrounding environment by adhering to Local and international standards in regards to the environment.

Butterfly Beach Hotel has and will continue to improve the key environmental aspects related to the operation of its hotel in Barbados, including the use of energy and water, solid waste, use of biodegradable cleaning materials where possible as well as addressing key environmental issues not only at the hotel but in our community.

Butterfly Beach Hotel also understands the importance of Tourism to the economy of Barbados, and also how this important industry can have a negative impact on the local community as well as the environment. Wherever possible, Local produce and products will be incorporated into the Purchasing policy of the hotel.

Butterfly Beach Hotel is also committed to supporting the community by supporting local community events and charity functions.

We will also take the responsibility of informing guests of our commitment to protecting the environment as well as educating them on the environmental management measures in place.